Lien & Bond


Lien and Bond Claims

A lien is a powerful tool that protects the interest of those providing labor, equipment, materials or services for the improvement of real property. Lien rights arise from statute, and the rules for the establishment and perfection of such line rights must be carefully applied to be effective.

Lien rights on private property allow a lien claimant to foreclose on the real property and improvements if payment for work is not otherwise forthcoming. Lien rights on public works involve claims against retention and the payment bond.

Our attorneys are highly skilled at preserving and pursuing lien and bond claims on both private projects and public works. We have been successful at perfecting and pursuing lien claims from $5,000 to over $10 million. Correspondingly, we are skilled at defending against lien claims and have been successful at clearing liens from title while recovering attorneys’ fees and costs for our clients.

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